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Welcome to the home of Desert Great Danes, where we specialize in Fawn, Merlequin, and Merle Danes for a pet, work, and show. We have added the ice blue eyes to our bloodline. Our Danes are for the educated, new, and previous Dane owner. We are a multi-generational family of eleven; we all share the same love and respect for the Great Dane breed. All of our Dane puppies are raised around our children and grandchildren. The Great Dane’s size attracts attention and offers instant protection -- no one will guess what a sweetheart he is on the inside. Our Great Danes are real family companions. They will want to share the couch and help you watch TV. 
Our Great Danes are bred for conformation, temperament, and socialization. With over 30 years of experience with breeding dogs and horses, we stand behind our Danes with a genetic guarantee. Are we experts of Great Danes? No. We can only inform you of our own experiences. Do we breed our dogs in our backyard? Yes, and we raise them inside our home. Our Danes have run of the house and yard. We have only Great Danes in our home. We strive to maintain a robust and healthy breed of Great Dane that we take pride in. We purchase our Great Danes only from established breeders. Since 2014 we haven't advertised in any papers. All of our puppies have been sold word of mouth on this website. We encourage you to come out and visit us; we are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Would you please browse through our website and check out our Dane family? If you have any questions and comments, feel free to email.

We reserve the right not to sell just anyone a puppy. Because you show up with cash doesn't guarantee you're going home with one of our puppies. If our dogs or our family gets the Heebie-jeebies from you, sorry for your luck, your going home empty-handed. We do not adopt our puppies to anyone who lives in an apartment or is looking for a running mate. Sorry.  We believe it's our responsibility to make sure our puppies don't end up in a shelter or homeless.
Everyone MUST sign a contract stating if they can no longer care for the dog, "We want the dog back." No questions asked.