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Desert Danes Adoption Contract
Breeder information:Desert Danes, LLC
Email: URL: 
 Puppy Guarantee: Your pup is guaranteed to be sound in mind and body. 
You are responsible for regular veterinary care, including the remainder of the initial series of vaccinations, rabies vaccinations and periodic worming. 
Your pup has been given his/her first shots and has been wormed regularly and the dates of these treatments have been recorded in your PET HEALTH RECORD. Take this document and your pup to the vet of your choice within 72 hours in order for the current health of the pup tobe established and to receive instructions on continuing care and vaccination schedule. 
 If a health/temperament problem occurs, inform the breeder and together we can work out a solution.
 All pups are guaranteed to be free from congenital anomalies for their lifetime. If a congenital problem should occur, the pup will be replaced - no money shall be refunded. If no pup is available at the time, the buyer may select a pup from a future litter.     
Your Puppy Parenting Responsibilities  
Your pup deserves the opportunity to be the best family member he/she can be. All puppies should be obedience trained so they can be a canine companion that can go anywhere with you and fit into your lifestyle comfortably. This should be started immediately and should continue throughout the life of your dog. He/she will be the happiest when you are pleased with their behavior. Learn to communicate what you want in a positive and loving manner and your dog will respond.
It is your responsibility to ALWAYS provide adequate shelter, a soft bed, fresh water, high quality dog food and your love. Danes are sensitive and loving companion dogs. Some pups may require dog obedience school, before you return the pup for behavior problems we may require proof of school. If you made a mess out of your dog we don't want him/her back. Do the reasonable pet owner thing and send them to school. Your pup will achieve his/her potential under these circumstances.
IIf at any time during the dog's life you are unable to provide a proper home, for any reason, the dog is to be returned to the breeder.
Call the breeder with any questions you may have during the life of your dog. We are here to provide support.
We really enjoy pictures. Please keep in touch, we appreciate periodic updates on your puppy.
Your Puppy's Personal Identification and AKC Registration Information
(This portion will be completed by breeder at time of placement)
Your puppy's dam (Mom):__________________________
Your puppy's sire (Dad):___________________________
Whelping date (puppy's birth date):_____________________
Sex: M___ F___
Age at adoption: _____________________
Micro-Chip number _____________________________________________
You will receive an AKC registration form from us. After you decide on your pup's name, fill itin the box indicated. We will have filled out the rest of the form for you. Your signature(s) isrequired. Send the completed form, along with the appropriate fee to the AKC to register your dog and to formally establish ownership transfer.
If it has been established that your pup will be used for breeding/show purposes, you will receive a full registration. Under no circumstances should any offspring ever be sold to petshops, puppy brokers or any other commercial enterprise.
All pups sold as pets are sold on a limited registration (offspring ineligible for registration) to discourage indiscriminate breeding and to safeguard the integrity of the noble Great Dane breed I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO MY RESPONSIBILITIES REGARDING THE CARE AND NURTURE OF MY PUPPY. 
If for any reason I can not pick up the puppy I put a deposit on, I understand I forfit all of the deposit. As the breeder could have sold the puppy elsewhere. 
 Puppy parent's signature(s):_____________________________ 
  Please indicate your desired color/gender combinations in order of preference:
            Gender                        Color
 1) _______________ __________________
 2) _______________ __________________
3) _______________ __________________ 
 You will be put on lists for each color/gender combination and will be notified when any such a puppy becomes available.
 Contact Information: 
Owner Name(s) as they should appear on AKC registration papers:
1) __________________________________________
2) __________________________________________
Phone Number(s) ______________________________
Email address__________________________________
Date: ___________________
If your puppy was sold as a 'Pet Only' this contract is null and void. Your puppy is sold "as is." NEVER IS THERE TO BE A CASH REFUND.