Desert Danes of Las Vegas


Here's what people have to say about us:

"We bought our last 2 Great Danes from Desert Danes. They are some fine people. They always have good dogs." - Jason Rider (Jacksonville, FL)

"I've been hunting hogs for over 50 years. When I need a great dane, I go to Desert Danes or his Daddy. Good quality dogs, that I highly recommend." - Ronnie Creek ~ 'Texas Hog Boss' (Silver Creek, TX)

"We bought the runt, He's a positive addition to our family, Never happier!" - Mary Lasterous (Tucson, AZ)

"Funny story, my sister was turned away by Desert Danes, I knew she shouldn't have had a Great Dane. She didn't have the space and she lived upstairs of an apartment building. Oh  she was mad at Desert Danes. She drove 187 miles all the way thinking she was coming home with a puppy.  Later that day I called Desert Danes to tell them what a great judge of character they had displayed, my sister wasn't capable of caring for a dog. Three months later, I myself was wanting that childhood dog, my sister was wanting, in her life. I kept watching for Desert Danes to have a litter. Once I seen they had puppies I called and put one on reserved. Déjàgo is the best dog I have ever had. His temperament is so gentle. I couldn't recommend a better breeder. I really believe they care about who gets their puppies. I like that. Good for them."  -  Howard Clark. (Los Angeles California)

"We received our Great Dane puppy three weeks ago. She arrived on time, healthy, alert and active. We took the puppy to the Vet within 48 hours of arrival as required by Desert Danes and she is 100% healthy. I was very nervous after reading some of the reviews online but my daughter was in love with this puppy so I took the chance. Do the research and ask the right questions. The breeder was perfectly legit, only breeding Great Danes. I would suspect that some of the breeders newspapers works with may not be reputable and that is a concern so make sure you know who you are dealing with. I found the people at Desert Danes to be extremely honest, reliable, and very helpful. I received a call at every step along the way, informing me of the breeders schedule, initial vet visit, a review of the vet report, and updates on all the travel arrangements. I would highly recommend Desert Danes to anyone looking for a puppy." - Nick Porter  (Santa Barbara, CA)

"I am so happy that I made the decision to have Roscoe become a part of our family. He has a good personality and temperament. We love him very much. Desert Danes was very helpful and took a lot of time with us going over the different puppies. They were so friendly and now we have a new member of the family and he is so perfect." - Larry Fuller (Avondale, AZ)e

 "I decided I wanted a dog after never even really liking dogs because I was always scared of them after being bit in the face by a German shepherd when I was a child. Little did I know how much this dog was going to mean to me. I ordered a Great Dane puppy from Desert Danes and in two days picked up the most beautiful, perfect puppy I'd ever seen. Having been suffering from depression ever since my ex husband wrecked our family with his prescription drug addiction six years ago, I was just moving two hours south and beginning law school. My ex launched an attack of lies against me in court, saying I was going to abduct my children, that I was isolating him, etc. and managed to get my two young sons taken from me after they had been with me 90% of the time. So it was just Jawea, my sweet puppy and I, who ended up moving. If she had not been in my life, I know I wouldn't have made it in law school, and I probably would have driven my car off a cliff, because coming home to an empty house without my two sons there is just too much to bear. This dog has saved my life. I bought a calendar of Great Danes and I swear there is not one in there that is as beautiful, as perfect as she is. She is absolutely perfect from whisker to tail. Everyone who sees her, from the vet to the dog owners at the dog park, all say the same thing: "You got yourself an exceptionally good dog there." Her tag says below her name: "She is my heart." And she is. Her disposition is amazing, her spirit, sweet and strong, and she is physically flawless. I named her after Sacajewea, the strong, smart American Indian woman who led Louis and Clark across the great divide and helped them become the first white men to reach the west of this country, while carrying her one year old on her back. I can't thank Desert Danes who brought this dog into existence enough for creating the most perfect dog possible to be with me as my best friend and my anchor to this world." - Elisa Plano (Medford, OR)

"I purchased 2 dogs from Desert Danes and have nothing but good things to say. The puppies arrived with everything! They seem genuine to really care about the puppies. Both of them were potty trained already. Great guarantee too." - Mark Anothney (Flagstaff, AZ)

"I called Desert Danes 9 days ago, we had a beautiful Mantel Great Dane that we had recently had to put down that we had for 8.5 years, he was the love of my life and my was TRULY a family member, needless to say we were mortified that we lost him. I couldn’t even walk in the house because I would just break down into tears; my baby was not there to greet me! I decided that we needed a new baby to join our family to help fill the void, OBVIOUSLY no puppy could take the place of the one we lost but I hoped that it would help. Since we had a Great Dane we knew that we wanted another one. I got on the internet and the first place the popped up was Desert Danes and all it took was one look at Coco (our new puppy) to know that she would be the perfect fit. I called in and spoke with Kevin, he was fantastic, very helpful and answered all my questions. He seemed very passionate about what he did and being that I am in sales myself that meant a lot to me. Honestly I was so devastated over the loss of my dog that he probably could have sold me a stuffed animal and I would have paid $1500 for it! Desert Danes took the time to send the pictures of Coco's parents and told me that we could have her by Saturday!

Coco came to us just 2 days ago and we LOVE her already! I decided to look up review (AFTER I purchased Coco) and I have to be honest I almost had a panic attack after reading some of the reviews and I was SOOOOOO scared that after her exam with our vet we would be told she was not pure bred or that she had a major medical condition. I am happy to report that she was given an A++++ on her health exam this morning. I am in the medical field myself and I know that complications/conditionals come up with any living breathing creature and that is out of most of our hands. I wanted to share my experience with everyone especially after reading that some owner got puppy's that ended up being unhealthy and or passing away (my heart goes out to them). The reality is that you could have two completely healthy dogs that end up having a puppy that has complications or conditions that are detrimental and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I do not think this makes a breeder bad, UNLESS of course there is a history of the dogs having puppies with complications.

Desert Danes told me that based on the time of year they place anywhere from 30 to 50 puppies with this number of puppies finding new homes I know it would be IMPOSSIBLE to have EVERY single one of those 100% healthy. Puppies are animals they cannot be bred to be invincible (although that would be what we all want)I am so happy with our decision to get Coco and I WILL be referring dog lovers that want to add a member to their family to Desert Danes. THANK YOU to everyone at Desert Danes for helping us find our new baby girl!!!!!"
Patty Green (Denver, CO)

"worked for us....not show dog people or quality...but then I didn't go looking on line for that type of dog.... only Great Dane people and all has worked out well.
he's healthy, all Dane, and just crazy cute! a good experience for our family."
- Marshall Lochner (Gilbert,AZ)

"Followed your advice a few years ago when I added a new pack member to my house. Walked her with my other two to build a sense of pack and introduced her to the house as you suggested. They all got to be friends and fast. I credit you with the smooth transition that happened in my house! And at least this pack leader knew which other pack leader to take cues from!" - Kimbery Herrink (Hackensack, NJ)